Antique wedding bands have a long history. They have been worn by betrothed couples, as a symbol of their union, since ancient times.

Most antique wedding bands on the market today are from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. They most often feature a row of small diamonds across the top of the finger, and can be found in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Rings with diamonds that completely encircle the finger are called eternity, or anniversary, bands.

Many antique wedding bands have a carved design that is continuous around the finger, instead of diamonds or other gemstones.

Antique Diamond Wedding Bands - White Gold and Platinum

Antique Diamond Wedding Bands - Yellow Gold

Antique Wedding Bands - Size 4-4.75

Antique Wedding Bands - Size 5-5.75

Antique Wedding Bands - Size 6-6.75

Antique Wedding Bands - Size 7-7.75

Antique Wedding Bands - Size 8-8.75