The intricate and delicate styles of antique pendants are quite fashionable these days, as they add a sense of vintage romance to an ensemble. The styles are quite varied, ranging from solitaire gemstones to elaborate jewel-studded chandelier shapes. Art Nouveau artists created many beautiful lavalieres. Diamonds and pearls feature prominently in necklaces from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, whereas feminine flower motifs were popular during the Retro period. Vintage pendants are unique accessories, and a very stylish and wearable part of an antique jewelry wardrobe.

antique enamel heart locket pendant
Enamel heart locket, $150
antique heart locket pendant
Antique heart locket, $125
antique diamond pendant
Antique diamond pendant, $1950
antique diamond pearl pendant
Diamond + pearl pendant, $3250
antique diamond horseshoe pendant
Diamond horseshoe pendant, $1650
vintage puffed heart pendant
Puffed heart pendant, $145
antique heart locket pendant
Antique heart locket, $125
diamond pendant
Diamond pendant, $775
gold coin pendant
Gold coin pendant, $950