Antique brooches, bar pins and stick pins have long been a favorite of the estate and antique jewelry collector. The creative possibilities are endless; wonderful collections can be built on different themes, such as flowers, animals, or figural brooches. Furthermore, antique brooches are perfect additions to jewelry wardrobes centered on particular design eras. For example, the delicate, lace-like antique filigree bar pins have widespread appeal, particularly among women who wear Edwardian era filigree engagement rings in white gold and platinum. Others favor the romantic, feminine floral motifs of 1940s Retro Modern brooches.

Antique brooches worn on a suit lapel, sweater or scarf speak of elegance and refined taste. They can also be pinned to a purse, or at the waist, for a younger, trend-setting look. When not being worn, a collection of antique brooches and pins can even beautify your home, framed in shadow boxes as tiny works of art!

antique flower brooch
Antique flower brooch, $275
antique jade scroll brooch
Vintage jade brooch, $475
Diamond Filigree Bar Pin, 14K+Plat
Diamond filigree bar pin, $775
Diamond + enamel brooch, 14K
Antique diamond brooch, $1750
Wreath Brooch, 14K
Vintage wreath brooch, $1150
antique pearl and diamond broochPearl and diamond brooch, $1300 antique diamond brooch
Antique diamond brooch, $2250
vintage sapphire mask pin
Vintage mask pin, $275
Turquoise Brooch, 18K
Turquoise brooch, $1350
Diamond Brooch, 18K
Vintage diamond brooch, $2150
Dia + Sapphire Dog Brooch, Plat
Platinum diamond dog brooch, $3250
Diamond circle pin, 14K
Antique diamond brooch, $4500
Diamond, topaz + sapphire brooch, 14K
Diamond + topaz brooch, $6500
Diamond Horseshoe Brooch, 14-18K
Diamond horseshoe brooch, $4950
vintage sapphire brooch
Vintage sapphire brooch, $650
antique diamond swirl brooch
Vintage diamond brooch, $2200
Diamond Swirl Brooch, 14K
Vintage diamond swirl brooch, $1575